Wouldn’t it be great if there were a convenient location in the West Metro that had abundant parking, an incredible selection, outstanding customer service, and the lowest prices every day on your favorite beer, wine and spirits? As consumers, we thought so, too, and that’s how Liquor Boy was born.

Liquor Boy Store

Shopping at Liquor Boy means never having to wait for that Semi-Weekly-Bi-Monthly-Twice-A-Year-Buy-It-Today-Or-Get-Gouged-Tomorrow Sale. Liquor Boy will never make you clip coupons, because this is the 21st century, after all. And Liquor Boy won’t make you jump through hoops, because if you wanted to jump through hoops, you’d become a tiger and join the circus.

Liquor Boy promises no gimmicks, and no waiting for a sale. Ever. Unparalleled selection, outstanding customer service, and everyday low prices.

That’s The Liquor Boy Way!