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Siete Leguas Reposado – “Siete Leguas, named after the horse belonging to Pancho Villa and from one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico, Casa Siete Leguas has more than fifty years of experience in the making of tequila by means of a traditional process delivering full-bodied, high-quality spirits of refined flavor.  This tequila begins, ends, and revolves around a wonderful fruity sweetness, complemented by smooth spicy earthy agave notes giving it a near unparalleled balance and complexity. Aroma has citrus and some dill and/or mint to go with the 7 Leguas fruity sweet/roasted agave profile. Taste continues along the same narrative, expanding into flavors of soft wood, some caramel, and a perfect dash of peppery spice, while still retaining that earthy agave component up front. Finish is long and wide, great spice and nice heat, ending where it all began with notes of soft sweet."

Suggested:  $56.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $52.99   750ml

1921 Reposado – “1921 Tequila Reposado is produced with 100% Blue Weber estate grown Agave, double distilled in stainless steel pot stills containing copper coils.  It is aged for a minimum of 6 months in new American Oak Barrels bearing a medium char. Luscious butterscotch notes touched with lemon peel lead the way, while dry cocoa, leather and cigar tobacco notes develop on the finish." 93 Points WE!

Suggested:  $49.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $45.99   750ml

Suerte Reposado – “Made from 100% Tahona crushed Blue Weber Agave, Suerte Reposado is aged in charred White American Oak whiskey barrels for 7 months.  This magnificent spirit highlights the master distillers craft by exhibiting a perfect balance of resting time, oak, and pure Agave.  With a robust bouquet of aromas, subtle plum, butterscotch, and oak notes, Suerte Reposado is nothing short of liquid bliss.  Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in an authentic margarita.” 89 Points Grover Rating!

Suggested:  $41.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $37.99   750ml

Milagro Anejo Select Barrel Reserve – “Their triple distillation process produces tequila of extraordinary depth and character for unparalleled smoothness. Sensually warm and full-bodied, Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Anejo is aged 3 years in new French single oak barrels and comes in a unique hand-blown crystal bottle. On the nose honey and lemon, almost no alcohol, sooo nice. On the palate caramel, cinnamon, and butter. the body is extremely smooth and fulfilling with the finish fairly lengthy.” A very enjoyable anejo that should be drank neat or on the rocks." 94 average rating on! Currently save $40 per bottle at Liquor Boy!

Suggested:  $109.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $69.99   750ml

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur – “A Silky smooth elderflower liqueur, with just the right amount of sweetness to deliver plenty of flavors but remain clean-tasting with no hint of any cloying finish. A hint of citrus and nut offer greater complexity throughout this versatile liqueur. Used in over 100 different cocktails which is too many to list but here are a few of our favorites."

Suggested:  $39.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $29.99   750ml


Strawberry Sparkler

Combine the ingredients in a glass (do not shake or stir).  Pour the mixture into a smaller glass over ice.  Garnish with a strawberry

St Germain Pineapple Cocktail

·         4 fl oz St. Germain liquor

·         4 fl oz clear Rum

·         4 fl oz pineapple juice

·         2 fl oz Ginger Ale

·         6 mint leaves (optional)

·         ice cubes

  • Place 6-8 ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake pineapple juice well and pour 4 fl Oz over the ice, followed by St. Germain and Rum. Add mint leaves if using. Close the lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  • Fill a cocktail glass with 4-6 new ice cubes; pour the mixed drink from the shaker into the glass. Add Ginger Ale, and then stir gently. Garnish with more mint leaves and/or a slice of pineapple. Enjoy!


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BEERs, ciders & hard sodas

Utepils Ewald "The Golden Beer" – "A heavenly hefeweizen with a hazy golden hue and aromas of banana clove, the Bavarian style brew pairs pale wheat with malted barley and finishes with a bubbly foam halo. 5.2% ABV | 14 IBU  

$7.99 / 4 Pack 16 oz Cans

Utepils Copacetic Kolsch Style Beer – Fly to new flavor heights with a sip of this subtle hop and malt blend.  This straw-colored brew gets its brilliant hues from barley grown near the city of Köln, Germany. 4.9% ABV | 25 IBU

$7.99 / 4 Pack 16 oz Cans

Utepils Alt 1848 Dusseldorf Style Altbier – The aroma is malty with nougat, dark caramel, and a very faint fruitiness (cherries, blackberries). The taste is much the same, but without the fruit aspects. The mouthfeel is medium-full bodied with a silky texture, and moderate carbonation. 5.4% ABV | 50 IBU

$7.99 / 4 Pack 16 oz Cans

managers' wine consensus


Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon

Suggested:  $21.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $18.99

“This wine has a refined nose with aromas of leather and cherries that are truthful to Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington. The flavors are layered with tones of blueberry jam, pomegranate and chocolate. The texture is rustic, yet silky, with a unique savory and inviting finish.” (90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc).

Cloud Chaser Rose

Suggested:  $24.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $17.99

Light pink coral color. Fruity, floral aromas and flavors of melon and strawberries in cream, spiced pear, and cotton with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a seamless, interesting, medium-length lemon spritzed cherry and minerals and earth finish with fine, crunchy, fruit tannins and a suggestion of oak.” (12.5% Alc/Vol)

L’Agnostique Pinot Noir

Suggested:  $15.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $12.99

“100% Pinot Noir picked at full maturity and produced without the use of oak barrels. Unlike so many inexpensive Pinot Noirs, L’Agnostique Pinot Noir shows off its French pedigree with elegant aromatics, a beautiful transparency, and a balanced palate. Drink it with grilled fish, roast chicken or game birds, or beef stewed in red wine (ideally stewed in L’Agnostique Pinot Noir). Drink it with pork tenderloin.”

Sean Minor Nicole Marie Red

Suggested:  $26.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $19.99

"This blends 51% Merlot with 29% Zinfandel, 15% Petit Verdot and 5% Petite Sirah, combining nicely for a full-bodied expression of chocolate and dried dark cherry. On the palate, it becomes dusty and somewhat rustic, with an intensely juicy finish."

Matias Riccitelli “Hey Malbec” Malbec

Suggested:  $21.99  |  Liquor Boy:  $16.99

“100% Malbec is incredibly well-balanced as an Argentina meets France in its interpretation of this grape.  Lush and richly flavored as you would expect Argentina to bring, balanced by the earth and acid you would expect from Cahors, France.  Juicy black fruits combine with violets and black pepper, with soft and ripe tannins leading to a soft and opulent finish.  Lovely on its own or with grilled meat.”