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PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PICTURES OF OUR BOURBON / RYE DRAWING WINNERS, and to check out some great pictures from our recent Bourbon and Rye Tasting!



Friday, May 26, 2017 |   1-4 PM

We will be featuring the following wines:  Acanthes Rose, Raza Vinho Verde, Row 503 Pinot Noir, and Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rouge.

Brooklyn Brewery

friday, MAY 26, 2017 |   3-6 PM

"Like our namesake borough, the Brooklyn Brewery is made up of a rich collection of characters from all over the world. In our Williamsburg home, these characters are dedicated to brewing and selling great beer and enriching the communities we serve. Together, these Brooklyners have assembled the skills needed to transform a home brewing hobby into an independent brewery with a brand that has become an international beacon for good beer."

keepsake cidery

Friday, May 26, 2017 |   4-6 PM

"We are a family owned cidery and orchard striving to make a delicious, high quality cider from simple ingredients and time honored methods. Based out of Dundas, Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities, we have a philosophy centered around healthy living. This includes work, play, food and drink. Our desire is to bring forth a beverage that you want to drink on a regular basis. A cider that is simple in ingredients but complex in flavor, with a variety of types that will appeal to many tastes."

Joai Spirits Tasting

friday, May 26, 2017 |   4:30-7 PM

We will be featuring the following Joai craft cocktails:  Sparkling Greyhound, Sparkling Moscow Mule, and Sparkling Cosmopolitan.

Finnegan's Brew Company

friday, MAY 26, 2017 |   4-7 PM

Finnegan's philosophy:  In social innovation building strong communities. And that doing good and having fun play nicely together. We believe in the sweet alchemy of turning beer into food. In lining food shelves with fresh produce from local growers. And that it takes a village to raise a more purposeful pint.  Drink local. Give local.  100% of profits go to feeding the hungry.

double cross vodka

saturday, May 27, 2017 |   1-4 PM

"It began with a journey through heart of the vodka belt, an exploration of the world’s finest, yet undiscovered distilleries in the world. We found ourselves deep in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia, sipping a spirit so stunningly smooth, so gentle in its character, that we knew the search was over. In the 12th-century, Byzantine monks brought the double cross symbol to this vast mountainous region. We would honor the heritage of this noble spirit with a fitting title – Double Cross Vodka.  Each batch of Double Cross is seven times distilled and filtered, artfully handcrafted by a master distiller using the finest estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water sourced from 200 foot deep aquifers. The distinctive mineral composition of the spring water, combined with the crisp, clean character of winter wheat results in a bright, yet smooth vodka with a soft, round mouth feel.  There is a place where tradition and technology intersect to produce striking new results with a beautiful blend of art and science. This is where our vodka was born."


Friday, May 27, 2017 |   1-4 PM

We will be featuring the following wines: Ghost Rider Red, Kris Pinot Grigio, Punto Final Malbec, François Montand Rosé, François Montand Brut, and Château Graville-Lacoste Graves.  

Mionetto Prosecco Tasting

saturday, May 27, 2017 |   2-5 PM

We will be tasting Mionetto Prosecco Brut, Gran Rosé, and Organic Prosecco.


saturday, May 27, 2017 |   2-5 PM

We will be featuring Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and Oyster Bay Chardonnay.

Surly Brewing Company

saturday, May 27, 2017 |   2-5 PM

"We don’t make beer for everyone. Beer for everyone is beer for no one.  Our philosophy? Make great beerHave funGive a Damn about your community. Be independent. Don’t be a d!*k.  Really, our philosophy is better poured than spoken or written. So, go Find Surly beer and get all philosophical."

miscellaneous tasting

saturday, May 27, 2017 |   3-5 PM

We will be tasting the following items:  Henry's Hard Soda Grape and Orange, Redd's Apple Ale, Blue Moon Belgian White, Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler, and Coor's Light.

borbon, WHISKEY, & rye TASTING

saturday, april 29, 2017 |   1-4 PM

Woodford Products, JD Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack, Clyde Mays, Hudson Baby Bourbon, Hudson Rye, Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, High West Items, Redemption Rye, Far North Roknar Rye, Trails End Bourbon, Widow Jane Bourbon, Four Roses Products, EW Single Barrel, Pikesville Rye, Rittenhouse Rye, Bernheim Wheat, Knob Creek Products, Basil Hayden, Elijah Craig, Makers Mark 46, Jim Beam Single Barrel, Johnny Drum, Willett Bourbon, Rowans Creek, Noah’s Mill, Rough Rider Products, Jefferson Very Small Batch, Henry Mckenna Single Barrel, Russell’s 10 Year Bourbon, Russell’s 6 Year Rye, Yellowstone Select Bourbon and Bookers.


Our Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year winner:

Our Pappy Van Winkle 12 Year Winner:

Our Michter's 10 Year Rye Winner:


Another happy winner!  This time, the Thomas Handy Sazerac:

Another extremely happy winner!  Look at how excited this customer is to have won the Michter's 10 Year Bourbon:

This winner was so excited to win the Old Weller Antique 107, she sent her husband to pick up her prize:

This lucky winner got the Elmer T. Lee Bottle:

This lucky customer won the bottle of the Elijah Craig 18 Year:



Wow!!  The tasting was a HUGE success.  Thank you to all who participated.